The Weather Camp Camping Experience

The best part of camping is never having to leave the campfire...and you will never miss the cable TV. Most of our past weather campers hadn't camped before, and the overwhelming response has been that it's one of the best parts of the whole experience.

For those who have never camped before, first things first: Hot Showers! They are clean and bright, and only a two minute walk away (And yes, flush toilets too!). And the bugs are no worse than you'd find in Central Park.

We supply everything except sleeping bags and pillows, and those can be bought when we stop at Walmart on our way. We cook dinner together, including chinese food and chocolate cake. We'll show you everything from how to set up your tent to how to roast marshmallows, and haven't lost a camper yet to those pesky swamp monsters we all hid from as kids.

Why are we camping? First, to be close to the National Weather Service. Second, so you can see and experience the weather in a way you could never do when in a hotel: in the past we've walked to the beach at dusk to watch storms across Long Island Sound. And it really brings things down to earth to talk about the weather in the NWS office, then be out there in it that very day.

But the best reason is the bonding, for nothing brings a group of people together like sitting around a fire at night. There's no strangers here.