~ August 1 - August 12, 2016 ~

Please see our new website at crest.cuny.edu/weathercamp/

The City University of New York weathercamp is a two week program for high school students from the New York City metropolitan area, and is offered free of charge to 6-12 students selected via an application process. If you are interested and will have completed the 9th grade by the summer, don't hesitate to contact the camp director (listed below) and fill out an application: your chances are better than you think!

The first week is a day camp on the campus of the City College of New York. Concepts of meteorology are demonstrated by hands-on activities whenever possible, and applied to weather observations both locally and around the country. Experts on such topics as severe storms and climate will speak and answer questions. We also visit a local broadcast meteorologist and see how a live forecast is put together.

During the second week we will do a combination of forecasting in the computer lab at City College and a visit to the local National Weather Service (NWS) office located on the campus of Brookhaven National Laboratories. There is a possibility we will camp within walking distance of a beach on the north shore of Long Island, and each morning will go to the National Weather Service office (NWS) for in depth study of weather phenomena, with the afternoons devoted to field observations of the sea breeze effect, the urban heat island, the surface environment and clouds. There are opportunities to go inside the radar dome, or to help launch weather balloons, and perhaps a discussion of careers in meteorology. Whether we only do a day visit or a few days camping depends on our evolving funding, and we will keep you posted here. If you have never been camping before or have had a bad experience, please read about the weather camp camping experience; nearly every camper has said this was the best part!

Note that except for the camping period, we do not offer accommodations in New York City. Those from out of the area are certainly welcome to apply, but must make their own living arrangements, whether via friends, relatives, or family vacation (it's been done before!) We typically have at least one camper from other parts of the country.

If you are interested in the weather, this is a once in a lifetime experience you do not want to miss!

Applications can be downloaded by clicking clicking here. We continue to accept qualified applications until filled up, so if you missed the May 30 deadline, just send it in anyway and you may still be accepted - can't hurt.

All questions should about the particular aspects of this camp should be directed to the New York camp director.

A complete description of some previous year's weather camp activities with pictures is in the following pdf files: 2009 2010.

A story on the 2011 Weather Camp put together by CBS Channel One is here.

Pictures from the camping portion of the 2013 weather camp are on the facebook page.

The Weathercamp team would like to acknowledge the contributions of three New York City Teachers who served as consultants in the creation of the camp: Susan Kelly, Ruben Worrel, and Mike Passow.